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Users of this website agree to the following terms, conditions and understandings:

  1. LongtermParking.com is NOT a parking facility operator at any cruise ship port or airport.
  2. LongtermParking.com does not control any of the parking facilities advertised or otherwise listed on it's website.
  3. LongtermParking.com is not responsible for the quality of services provided by it's advertisers. However, if there is an unresolved problem with one of our advertisers, please let us know.
  4. LongtermParking.com has negotiated lowered parking rates and free parking days with it's advertisers. Our coupon offers change from time to time. Our advertisers are required to honor all presented coupons which have not expired.
  5. LongtermParking.com does not collect any air traveler payments on behalf of itself or its airport parking advertisers.
  6. You may change or cancel your airport parking reservations without cost or obligation.
  7. LongtermParking.com is not responsible for any air traveler losses if a reservation is dishonored by one of our advertisers. We do impose sanctions when necessary upon advertisers who fail to honor three reservations in a 90 day period.

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