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Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

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About Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX)

Sky Harbor Airport Parking
3400 East Sky Harbor Boulevard Phoenix, AZ 85034
Telephone: (602) 273-3300

CLICK or Call the 24/7 Parking Hotline (602) 273-4545 for parking availability.

 Parking Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Charges up to $25./day

  Terminal GaragesMaximum rate is $25. /day
Terminal 2 Garage Economy Parking

Maximum rate: $11./day

Maximum Vehicle Clearance:

 Terminal 2  - 7'0''

Terminals 3 & 4


East Economy Garages A & B
Maximum rate is $11./day
West & East Uncovered Economy  Maximum rate: $9./day

Lots located east of Terminal 4 & west of Terminal 2
adjacent to the West Economy Parking lot.

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