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Airport Parking Made Easy

We love the role we play in helping people save money for parking so that they have more to spend on their travels.

Likewise, helping you find the best place to park so that you have more time on your hands is another way we contribute to the spirit of fun and adventure away from home.

Simple Savings

Many people are shocked at airport parking prices and look for alternative parking options with lower prices.

We make it easy to be a smart shopper who quickly finds the best prices and services for off-airport parking that are safe and convenient.

Industry Leader and Satisfaction

Since 2001, LongTermParking.com has been partnering with up to 150 off-airport parking lots across the US and has served more than 8,000,000 coupon views, saving travelers as much as 73% each time they park.

A Better Choice with Confidence

Why pay a website for a non-refundable parking reservation and then pay again for your off-airport parking? At LongTermParking.com we offer free reservations and free coupons for a variety of off-airport parking facilities across the nation. Choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Personal Care

We take pride in connecting smart travelers with quality off-airport parking facilities.

It doesn't take a huge company to make this happen. Our small team adds a personal human touch by maintaining a close relationship with each parking facility to provide you with up-to-date discounts and timely service.

Please feel free to drop us a line or check us out on Facebook.

Who We Are

Daniel Jadick - Co-Owner/Managing Partner

Forrest Jadick - Development Operations

Heidi Oehler - Communications Specialist

Michelle Melendez - Video Editor/Voiceover Artist

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